Dec 13, 2009

Does he love me?

That's the biggest Q's in my head right now...uncertainty coming my way and life's just getting at the bottom cycle...

I am a negative thinker (I admit!!) and sometimes (the truth is, all the time) those "negativeness"
wears me out. Every time, I tried to pull everything back to normal as if nothing hurts me, but still it reflected through my gestures.

Sometimes I felt unappreciated and ignored due to lack of attention. As a matter of fact, men find it hard to please women. Women feel the same way too towards men. I did not meant intimacy but simple daily house chores routine as such. Why can't I have a little help? And why add more to my list of to-do-things?

The truth is that he does love me (I know it!!) But sometimes I have to question myself so that I can create any answer to my satisfaction. But truthfully, his love towards me is unquestionable. Maybe for him, house chores and loves are two different things, unrelated. Unfortunately for me, I see it as a combination that will toughen the relationship, which makes them correlated.

In the end, I came up with the fact that communication is crucially important. Ironically, I haven't discuss anything about this with him, so I'm still keeping things to myself (hopefully I don't get old before my age).

I don't know why I'm writing this kind of thing as now I find it annoying to read it through. Should I delete it or not? And why am I questioning?

Moral of the story : communication is important in every relationship.

p/s : we still love each other ;)


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