Dec 12, 2009

Hot tips for better baby sleep

Hello are some tips that might be useful to you and your baby...btw, I do apply most of the routines and it works well...

Swaddling - Firmly wrap your newborn for all sleeps, as this helps your baby settle quickly and stay asleep for longer. Fitted easy-wraps make effective swaddling very simple.

White Noise - Your baby enjoyed loud noise inside the womb, so she’ll settle much more quickly with ‘white noise’ rather than quiet. Try static, vacuum noise or a white noise CD. Play it louder than she is crying and leave on repeat.

Sleep routine – Use the simple feed/play/sleep routine during the day and put your baby into bed as soon as you see a tired sign so she doesn’t get over-tired. Move to a structured routine with set sleep times once your baby is about 4 months old.

Self settling - Once your baby is over 3 months, ensure she can fall asleep at bedtime without being fed or rocked to sleep. This means she will have the skills to resettle herself during the night.

Baby sleeping bags – Start using a sleeping bag once your baby is no longer swaddled, so there are no blankets to kick off or suffocate under. Getting into the sleeping bag tells your baby it’s sleep time, regardless of where she is sleeping.

Dreamfeed - Feed your baby while she is asleep at about 10pm, to ensure he has a full tummy to last through the night and he doesn’t rely on feeding to get to sleep (For babies over 3 months old).

Consistency – Babies and toddlers learn all new skills through repetition and learning to sleep is no different. So it’s essential you choose a sleep program you are comfortable with and will use consistently until your child is sleeping through the night.



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