Dec 11, 2009

My Daily Tips

Howdy friends...
Today, my life's a bit broken...I'm in so much tense and nothing (I'd like to say "no one") seems to be helpful ;(

Luckily I got cuddly little Adam in my arms...every time I got a broken day, I'll cuddle him and whisper in his ear that I need to be loved...he then looked at me and put up his most wonderful smile that I will die for (am I too much?) a blink of an eye, I'm cured and ready to continue my life :)

So, my daily tips for those "mood swingers" or those with "inabilities to appropriately channel the temper" :

Cuddle your babies or pets and ask for love. You'll be amaze of what they gonna give you next...

p.s : It's just me being emo sometimes...


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