Apr 25, 2010

Adam D's sleeping routine

...He sleeps like a baby...

Well, he's a baby and everything about him is cute...especially the sleeping part.
Sometimes it is easy to put him to sleep (at night) provided he's been busy the whole day playing and learning. But there are times when he's tired but refused to sleep. Here's what he'll do when i tried to make him sleep...
  1. Close the door if it's open (this is important to him!!!)
  2. Mess the whole room
  3. Play with anything he found on the floor
  4. Bubbling

And this is what i'll do...
  1. Put his much loved blanket on my chest
  2. Act like i'm sleeping

In like 5 - 10 minutes, he'll crawl onto my chest and lay his face (i like it very much dear...) then
rolling around on bed with his pacifier (compulsory), and ready to sleep. But before that, he'll take about a few minutes to mess the bed huh...finally, he'll fall asleep right in my arms (lovely...)...

Totally, he'll take 30 to 45 minutes to fall asleep...of course i watch the whole scene but sometimes i'll fall asleep before him :)

These are the results ;)

Mummy loves you honey ;)


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