Apr 23, 2010

Adam D's progress

He's a year now and getting more excited on everything...especially teasing his mummy (yeah, that's me!!)...when i say "don't" to something, he'll freeze, give the sweetest smile and then keep on doing what he wanna do just now...i'm mad...totally mad but yet he's so sweet and i didn't even know any better way to make him listen...of course, i did raise my voice, show my fierceness, but again, he's only 1 year old and mummy's gonna need more patient in this...glad that hubby's always by my side to assist (since adam is afraid of his dad hehehe)...

This is exactly what he'll do when i say the magic word "don't"...

Whatever it is, i enjoy every seconds nurturing my baby...he's my story, my love, my life ;)


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